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On-demand solutions

Open innovation for sustainable blue economy

Floating Data Center, wave energy harvesting breakwater, offshore hydrogen production platform… We have been demonstrating we can innovate beyond our buoy solutions portfolio. Our technological building blocks can be configurated in multiple ways to develop disruptive concepts for a more sustainable blue growth.

We are embracing the Open Innovation model to join forces with forward-thinking companies from various horizons. We share values and efforts to develop together new ideas, unlock the technical barriers and squeeze the time-to-market.

Our technical expertise lies in :

  • fluid dynamics modelling
  • Marine Renewable Energies production and hybridization
  • new offshore platforms architectures development
  • mooring and umbilical design
  • remote communication and control
  • marine operations,
  • etc.

But first and foremost, we have structured the company as an Innovation Lab to cultivate and encourage creativity and agility as essential values.

Have a look at our references to see some examples of what we are achieving with our partners, and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any unexplored idea!


Improving the Seaworthiness of Offshore Ships and Structures

Client : StabInSea

Since 2016, GEPS Techno has been designing passive stabilisation solutions using its tank test validated digital tools.

In 2022, the StabInSea brand was established to organise this activity. StabInSea assists naval architects and designers of offshore structures in their quest for operability and performance. Improved seagoing behaviour allows acceleration reduction on structures, reduced fuel consumption, enhanced comfort and the ability to operate in unfavourable sea conditions.

Positive-Energy Harbour Wall

Client : Groupe Legendre

As part of its innovation projects, the Legendre Group, a construction company with expertise in civil engineering, called upon GEPS Techno to design an energy production system integrated into a coastal protection structure. The ambition was to reinvent port enclosures. Indeed, the impact of a wave on a seawall creates considerable energy which can be transformed into a directly usable source. The DIKWE project was born. After conclusive tank tests, a 1/4 scale prototype was launched in 2022 at the Ifremer test site in Brest.

Green Hydrogen Production at Sea

Client : Lhyfe

In 2021, the Lhyfe company, a pioneer in green hydrogen production, is calling on GEPS Techno to develop the first green hydrogen production pilot plant at sea. GEPS Techno adapted and deploy its WaveGem laboratory buoy to house the equipment (desalination, electrolyser). For this test, the buoy is connecting to the SEM-REV test site network off Le Croisic (France).The buoy was deployed in June 2023, for a period of several months. This test will open the door to numerous applications: hydrogen ship refuelling, energy storage, etc. It demonstrated the feasibility of producing hydrogen in a totally isolated

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