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Offshore communication

Data transfer at sea and communication networks

Our communication buoys can integrate subsea acoustic modems, satellite, cellular and microwave antennas, as well as power feed equipment (PFE) for submarine fiber optic cables. We develop customized concepts to support data transfer at sea and enable the deployment of specific offshore communication networks.

Continuous power delivery to the communication equipment is achieved by the hybridization of several complementary energy sources (wave energy, solar energy, wind energy) and on-board battery storage.

The system is scalable from few hundreds of watts to several kilowatts. It can feature a seabed-to-surface power and data link.

Our buoys are stabilized against roll and pitch can integrate a mast for the communication antennas.

Mooring arrangements can be adapted for shallow and deep waters.

Powered equipment : Subsea acoustic modems, Power Feed Equipment (PFE) for submarine FO cables, Microwave, LTE, VHF/UHF, VSAT, TETRA, AIS, Data Centers and Local Processing, etc.


Floating Edge Data Centres

Client : DENV-R

The start-up DENV-R’s ambition is to harmonise data centres and the environment by developing the world’s greenest data centre network. DENV-R called upon GEPS Techno to integrate its “Edge” Data Centres onto floating structures designed to reduce their carbon footprint and permit faster deployment closer to users. The first system will be commissioned in June 2024 in Nantes.

Increasing Submarine Cable Capacity

Client : Meta

In 2020, the Meta Group (formerly Facebook) outlined its problem to GEPS Techno: power source integration  in the path of new generation transoceanic submarine cables (24 fibre pairs).

This technology required an intermediate power source capable of supplying the repeaters in the event of main power supply failure on land.

GEPS has therefore been working on the development of a multi-energy buoy equipped with a storage system and anchored in deep waters.

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