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Offshore Power

Power supply for surface or subsea equipment

Our modular power buoys concepts can power surface and subsea equipment with local energy resources. This approach is an alternative to long subsea cables, and can be a game-changer for long tiebacks to scientific benthic stations, un-tapped oil and gas satellite wells, carbon capture and storage reservoirs, isolated fish farm, resident AUV, etc

Continuous power delivery to the surface or subsea equipment is achieved by the hybridization of several complementary energy source (wave energy, solar energy, wind energy). Deck space for up to 40-feet containers enables the integration of large batteries or Power-to-Power solutions such as hydrogen. Equipment for remote control of the subsea equipment can also be installed.

The system is scalable to tens of kilowatts. It can feature a seabed-to-surface power and data link. .

Mooring arrangements can be adapted for shallow and deep waters.

Powered equipment : all-electric Christmas trees, AUV docking station, subsea chemical storage and injection units, subsea datalogger and instruments, minimum process facilities, normally unmanned platforms, etc


Wellhead Monitoring and Control

Client : Subsea 7

Whether for the development of a new marginal field, or to compensate for a lack of adequate power supply to existing cables,  local autonomous power source integration capable of providing the necessary power to subsea wellhead instruments and equipment and communicate with the main installation is of key interest to the Oil & Gas industry. Subsea 7 and GEPS Techno are working together on different configurations which can be adapted to different situations.

Oil Platform Decarbonisation

Client : Confidentiel (Oil&Gas)

In 2021, an oil company wanted to identify a solution to reduce the carbon footprint of one of its offshore production sites powered by a gas engine. The site is remote and cannot be connected to the grid.

The operator therefore called on GEPS Techno to develop a solution to use locally available renewable resources to reduce fossil fuel use.

GEPS is working on the development of a “Smart-Grid” buoy integrating production, storage and control, and connected to the platform by an underwater cable.

Autonomous Underwater Robot Recharging

Client : confidentiel (Oil&Gas)

In 2021, an oil company, which was studying the implementation of autonomous inspection robots (AUV) on its subsea installations, approached GEPS Techno because it wanted to be able to recharge the robots and transmit/receive data without any vessel support. The challenge was to limit the cost of long-term missions and to evaluate the relevance of a permanent installation.

GEPS techno is therefore studying a multi-energy buoy solution that powers an underwater docking station.

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